I am an academic economist and writer.

I work on the economics of web3 as a Senior Research Fellow the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub (Melbourne, Australia). I also advise and design web3 projects.

My research has been published across economics, law and public policy in leading journals including Research Policythe Harvard Negotiation Law Review and the Australian Journal of Public Administration.

I have published four books including The New Technologies of Freedom (AIER, 2020) and Cryptodemocracy: How Blockchain Can Radically Expand Democratic Choice (Lexington, 2019).

My papers on SSRN have been downloaded over 20,000 times and have over 1,300 citations on Google Scholar. My commentary and findings have appeared widely across the print and electronic media.

I have appeared as an expert witness 6 times before state and federal parliamentary inquiries in Australia.

My PhD in economics was passed outright at RMIT University in 2018 and won the RMIT Prize for Research Excellence (Higher Degree by Research – Enterprise).

Twitter: @DrDarcyAllen.