The New Technologies of Freedom

Book published with the American Institute for Economic Research (with Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson).

We are on the cusp of a dramatic wave of technological change – from blockchain to automated smart contracts, artificial intelligence and machine learning to advances in cryptography and digitisation, from Internet of Things to advanced communications technologies.

These are the new technologies of freedom. These tools present a historical unprecedented opportunity to recapture individual freedoms in the digital age – to expand individual rights, to protect property, to defend our privacy and personal data, to exercise our freedom of speech, and to develop new voluntary communities.

This book presents a call to arms. The liberty movement has spent too much time begging the state for its liberties back. We can now use new technologies to build the free institutions that are needed for human flourishing without state permission

The New Technologies of Freedom is part of a joint project between the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, an academic research centre based at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia, and the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. Mannkal’s mission is developing future free market leaders. Mannkal promotes free enterprise, limited government and individual initiative for the benefit of all Australians.

Book Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cryptocurrencies and the State
  3. Blockchains and Smart Contracts
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Adversarial Liberty
  5. Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age
  6. The Future of Privacy
  7. Special Jurisdictions and Cryptodemocracies
  8. Technology for Better Institutions in Poor Countries
  9. Conclusion

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