• The threat of identity politics

    [This article originally appeared in the IPA Review] At the core of our liberal democracy is the understanding that we are all equal. The spread of identity politics across Australia and the West, however, directly undermines this by seeking different rules for different groups of people. Rather than advocating classical liberal institutions and norms, identity…

  • Opening Remarks to the Senate Select Committee on Red Tape, Perth

    You can now read my opening remarks to the Senate Select Committee on Red Tape, focusing on environmental assessments and approvals. These remarks were made at a public hearing in Perth on 22 August 2017. CHAIR: I welcome representatives from the Institute of Public Affairs. Thank you for appearing before the committee today. I invite you to…

  • Collared

    [Together with Andrew Bushnell this article originally appeared in IPA Review] ‘White collar crime’ didn’t exist until 1940. That was the year American sociologist Edwin Sutherland dreamt up the idea that the ‘suave and deceptive’ upper reaches of society, insulated by their class privilege, were getting away with untold criminality, and so he set out…

  • Submission To The Senate Red Tape Inquiry Into Environmental Assessments And Approvals

    This submission was originally made to the Senate Red Tape Inquiry with Daniel Wild.

  • Drone regulations stifle business and innovation with new technology

    [This article was published in The Australian] The Senate committee examining Australian drone regulations has had just one public hearing and is months away from its December reporting date.

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